8 Reasons to Choose Venper Academy for your NEET Short Term Course

Venper Academy offers exclusive short term courses for Medical aspirants. Generally Post higher secondary board examination this course commences for minimum period of 30 days.

Highlights of Venper’s Short term Course (Crash Course)
1.We follow 100% result oriented pre- defined course plan for 30 days .
2. Syllabus is bifurcated as four lecture session everyday of Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry. So totally summing up to 96 lecture session.
3. All lecture sessions are handled by subject and topic experts who have proven track record of results.
4. All the lecture sessions are also provided as video lectures for every student for easy recap of concepts .
5. Each lecture session is followed with worksheets of minimum 45 MCQ’s. This can be worked by students at home.
6. Daily doubt clearing sessions to improve skills .
7. Worksheets MCQ’s solved with solutions will also be uploaded Venper’s Digital Learning Management the followed day which makes Students to bring solutions in time, Improve application skills and reasoning skills.
8. After each 4 days of lecture sessions we follow cumulative test and assess students. So totally 4 cumulative test and 1 Grand Mock Test (with most probable questions) is conducted .

Above teaching methods is derived from our experience and proven track record. For testimonials and sample teaching videos  www.youtube.com/venperacademy

We assure optimum results guaranteed Venper Academy short term Course starts April 8 th 2018 to May 8 th 2018 across 15 centres in Tamilnadu.
For Admissions & Details Enquire (or) Call 9841136333 | 1800-212- 5088 (or) Mail us admission@venperacademy.com.

Daily MCQ Practice makes Students to achieve NEET

However the NEET fever is on among our TN students for 2018. Aspirants are already loaded with their preparation schedule of their board examination. They find no time to prepare for their NEET examination. Of course there is no big difference between NEET syllabus and board syllabus , But daily practice over MCQ’s gives good exposure to students to crack NEET.

Especially in physics and chemistry attending minimum of 15 questions in daily practice will improve students application skills. Venper Academy is offering Free Daily MCQ Practice on all subjects through its app.  with solutions. Students can make it a habit of spending time in Venper’s daily MCQ Practice. Venper offers it absolutely free for all aspirants. Students can use this application either in their desktop or tablets & mobiles. All have to do is search for ‘Venper Academy’ app in Google play store and download it and start practising for free.

We request students to utilise this opportunity where they can also compare among students who are using this app countrywide. It really helps to assess and improve yourself. Desktop users can log on to learn.venperacademy.com. Apart from this Venper Academy is offering 3F (FREE FACEBOOK FORUM) where students can utilise for daily MCQ’s and answer key will be uploaded next day. For more details www.facebook.com/venperacademy