How to Make Optimum Results in JEE Physics ?

Venper Academy Faculty experts would like to share a few tips on #JEEPhysics. JEE a prestigious engineering entrance examination, is considered as a gateway to the world of immense opportunities. To succeed in JEE, the aspirant needs to lay equal emphasis on three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Determining the approach is as crucial as the execution process.
Here we are focussing on #JEEPhysics and the right approach required for its preparation. If physics is prepared with the right spirit, focus and under expert guidance, the possibilities of scoring well in the subject increases. To help you outline the right approach for physics preparation, here are a few tips:

Command on the concepts:
Physics is all about concepts. Once you have mastered the concepts, there’s no looking back. So, while preparing for physics, do not forget to have clarity of the fundamental concepts.

Choose the right books: 

  • Referring to a number of books for the physics preparation may leave you confused.
  • Attempt previous years’ question papers: It is very important to practice previous years’ question papers. It acquaints you with the current preparedness. It is highly recommended to take mock test papers as these will help you improve your speed and accuracy.

Topics Strategy

  • #Mechanics is considered generally as low scoring by experts, but forms the major portion of the JEE (Main) in terms of marks allocation. Hence, this topic cannot be neglected.
  • Few topics can fetch high scores and the chapters which must not be ignored are #Semiconductors, #Electronics, #Communicationsystem and #Electromagneticwaves.
  • One must also concentrate on other scoring topics such as #Optics, #Electricity and #Magnetism, to ensure a better score.
  • #Kinematics and #ParticleDynamics are essential topics of Mechanics that make constant appearance in the papers.
  • General trends state that Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are the most significant topics in terms of the number of questions asked in previous years.
  • In the decreasing order of marks topics carry, here is the list according to their appearance:
  • Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism (equal importance)
  • Modern Physics
  • Optics
  • Heat and Thermodynamics and Waves and Sound
  • Measurement and Errors
  • Thermodynamics is central in terms of both Physics and Chemistry, so an increased focus should be given.
  • It’s wise to cover #WaveOptics as the first section in ‘Optics’ topic, owing to it being smaller in comparison to #RayOptics and is quick to cover.
  • #Vectors is one concept that students very commonly encounter thus efforts must be made to understand it properly.
  • It has been earlier discussed that Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism are essential topics of Physics.  Therefore, a clear understanding of the basic concepts of these chapters is imperative for ensuring a good performance.

Good Luck Aspirants!!!!!

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A Boon for Tamil Medium Students – NEET Tamil Study Material by Venper Academy


Perhaps it has been a long time wait by tamil medium students of TN for their NEET Tamil Study Material. Translation is always a task in terms of science subjects since there were less initiative towards this. Knowing the need and size of hungry students, Venper Academy – Statewide NEET and JEE Trainers have initiated to develop the Tamil Study Material for NEET with required number of MCQ’s for practice. This Project was initiated in August 2017 and have planned to launch in February 2018.

Science Terminologies, Mind Maps, Short Cuts and learning methods which has been traditionally followed in other states for preparing NEET is finally here for tamil medium students too. Of course the presentation of Topics is planned in such a way the conceptual clarity is made primarily followed things to be remembered and MCQ’s with previous year questions solved with solutions.

This Study Material will be a real boon for students to achieve their goals in terms of score and understanding concepts as well. We assure this will surely break all the barriers between tamil medium students and english medium students. A team of experts have carefully compiled the text book with high degree of translation skills and there is very good response among teachers when we shared our samples of the content. So we are at most stage of completing the process which can really meet the requirement and thirst of students. Most of the schools have pre ordered the copies now.

 —  Satheesh J

CEO, Venper Academy