Think Before you Choose your Coaching Institute

Usually Higher Secondary students hunt for good NEET Coaching Institutes post board examinations for their short term courses. There are few important factors that parents and students should look at before choosing the Coaching Institute

Important factors
  1. Track record of the institute
  2. Faculty capabilities
  3. Course & Assessment plan
  4. Practice Worksheets
  5. And finally How efficient is doubt clearing sessions .
Now, Venper Academy head quartered in chennai and has more than 15 branches in tamilnadu is one of the best institute for NEET Coaching who has been Ranked as ‘Coaching Institute of the year 2017’.
  • Venper has Proven track record of 30 students secured medical seats in various government colleges in Tamil Nadu.
  • Venper Academy has excellent team of expert faculties assures quality content delivery with high degree of conceptual clarity followed applying the concepts in MCQ’s. Eminent team seasoned with pre-defined result oriented teaching techniques.
  • Venper Academy’s Short Term Plan is designed with 112 physical lecture sessions comprising 4 subjects Botany, Zoology, Physics & Chemistry. It is planned as 4 sessions per day after each 4 days of completed sessions and cumulative test is planned with 180 questions. In total 4 cumulative test and 1 Grand Mock test is planned . Mark yielding topics are generally given more importance in both lecture session and assessments .
  • Everyday after completing 4 lecture sessions worksheets containing 45 questions of each subject is given for practice to students I.e 180 questions. Similarly it is done for 28 days. In total 5000 MCQ’s will be given for practice. Such a intensive worksheets breaks all the fear and multiple application of concepts in one single MCQ is made easier. Students confidence will be boosted to the core.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions @ Venper Academy Plays a major role. Our expert faculties support each and every student separately in doubt clearing sessions allocated on daily basis . In this session students doubts interns of worksheets and concepts are made clear in such a way that they don’t forget for life time.
Venper Academy is conducting NEET Short Term Course across 15 centres in tamilnadu. Course Starts from April 4th and ends May 8th. For More Details Visit www.venperacademy.comor Call 044-48538333

NEET Cracking & Preparation Tips for Next 130 Days

Shortly announcement about NEET 2018 Entrance Exams for admission into medical courses is expected. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) will be held on 10th May 2018 tentatively .  This entrance exam is the gateway for students to seek a seat in top medical Colleges all over country. With only 100+ days, students should start following a unique preparation strategy.

Venper offers few tips for all the Medical aspirants who aspire to Crack NEET 2018.

1. Please Don’t restrict your preparation to NCERT syllabus only :
Though NCERT syllabus is important, Don’t go only with that. Make sure you cover every topic of different subjects from NCERT and various reference books. You can take suggestions from your mentor during your NEET Preparation 

2. Predefined long-term and short-term goals will ripe benefits :
Create a plan with support of mentors and teachers topics that you need to complete on a weekly and monthly basis, along with a number of practice tests for various sub-topics and subjects on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

3. Self Target is essential :
Ensure you set a syllabus completion and score attainment targets for yourself and try reaching it . Be self motivated always to reach your targets within a stipulated time period.

4. Prepare notes of critical formulae:
For any important topics, make notes of critical formulae you come across. Once you complete the entire topic, don’t forget to attach them to a separate file so that you can refer it for revision in future.

5. Take Care of Health :
You must have gone through sleepless nights while preparing for the NEET exam. You will feel dizzy during the day time which can affect your performance. Remember, our brain works best when it gets enough rest.

6. Practice mock tests:
You can practice mock test for better grades in the exam. Best NEET Coaching Centers can help you practice more, improve your speed and give a better performance. Venper is also offering ‘ App’ support for daily MCQ Practice.

7. Ordering the topics:
There are many important topics that you have to study for NEET 2018. You can order them based on your interest and timings. Anyway sooner or later, you have to study all topics.

  8 . Attention on the weaker areas:
There are chances that you might be strong in few subjects but weak in some. Do not get disheartened by this. Identify the weaker areas by writing practice tests and work hard on those areas.  

9 . Take help of new technologies:
Mostly everybody believe reading textbooks and making notes with a pen on a paper is the best way to study. However, with the advancement in technology, there are options to personalize studies. Be it through Venper Academy apps, blogs, learning was never simpler as it is now.

10 . Have a positive attitude:
Your attitude affects your results. If you have a negative approach and keep believing that you cannot do it, then this won’t help you score well in the exam. The moment you start thinking positively, you will definitely see the changes in your result.

Hope these tips are useful for your NEET Preparation.

All the Best!

How to make Optimum Results in JEE Physics ?

Venper Academy Faculty Experts would like to share a few tips on #JEEPhysics.

JEE a prestigious engineering entrance examination, is considered as a gateway to the world of immense opportunities. To succeed in JEE, the aspirant needs to lay equal emphasis on three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Determining the approach is as crucial as the execution process.
Here we are focussing on #JEEPhysics and the right approach required for its preparation. If physics is prepared with the right spirit, focus and under expert guidance, the possibilities of scoring well in the subject increases.

To help you outline the right approach for physics preparation, here are a few tips:

Command on the Concepts:
Physics is all about concepts. Once you have mastered the concepts, there’s no looking back. So, while preparing for physics, do not forget to have clarity of the fundamental concepts.

Choose the right books:
Referring to a number of books for the physics preparation may leave you confused.
Attempt previous years’ question papers: It is very important to practice previous years’ question papers. It acquaints you with the current preparedness. It is highly recommended to take mock test papers as these will help you improve your speed and accuracy.

Topics Strategy
* #Mechanics is considered generally as low scoring by experts, but forms the major portion of the JEE (Main) in terms of marks allocation. Hence, this topic cannot be neglected.
* Few topics can fetch high scores and the chapters which must not be ignored are #Semiconductors, #Electronics , #Communicationsystem and #Electromagneticwaves.
* One must also concentrate on other scoring topics such as #Optics, #Electricity and #Magnetism, to ensure a better score.
* #Kinematics and #ParticleDynamics are essential topics of Mechanics that make constant appearance in the papers.
* General trends state that Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism are the most significant topics in terms of the number of questions asked in previous years.
* In the decreasing order of marks topics carry, here is the list according to their appearance:
* Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism (equal importance)
* Modern Physics
* Optics
* Heat and Thermodynamics and Waves and Sound
* Measurement and Errors
* Thermodynamics is central in terms of both Physics and Chemistry, so an increased focus should be given.
* It’s wise to cover #WaveOptics as the first section in ‘Optics’ topic, owing to it being smaller in comparison to #RayOptics and is quick to cover.
* #Vectors is one concept that students very commonly encounter thus efforts must be made to understand it properly.
* It has been earlier discussed that Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism are essential topics of Physics.
Therefore, a clear understanding of the basic concepts of these chapters is imperative for ensuring a good performance.

Good luck aspirants!!!!!

For More Info visit our website (or) Call us at 1800-212-5088 | 98411 36333

8 Reasons to Choose Venper Academy for your NEET Short Term Course

Venper Academy offers Exclusive Short Term Courses for Medical aspirants. Generally Post higher secondary board examination this course commences for minimum period of 30 days .

Highlights of Venper’s Short term Course (Crash Course)\

  1. We follow 100% result oriented pre-defined course plan for 30 days .
  2. Syllabus is bifurcated as four lecture session everyday of Botany , Zoology, Physics and Chemistry.  So totally summing up to 96 lecture session.
  3. All lecture sessions are handled by subject and topic experts who have proven track record of results.
  4. All the lecture sessions are also provided as video lectures for every student for easy recap of concepts .
  5. Each lecture session is followed with worksheets of minimum 45  MCQ’s. This can be worked by students at home.
  6. Daily doubt clearing sessions to improve skills
  7. Worksheets MCQ’s solved with solutions will also be uploaded Venper’s Digital Learning Management the followed day which makes Students to bring solutions in time, Improve application skills and reasoning skills.
  8. After each 4 days of lecture sessions we follow cumulative test and assess students. So totally 4 cumulative test and 1 Grand Mock Test (with most probable questions) is conducted .

Above teaching methods is derived from our experience and proven track record. For testimonials and sample teaching videos

We assure optimum results guaranteed Venper Academy Short Term Course starts April 8th 2018 to May 4th 2018  across 15 centres in Tamilnadu .

For Admissions & Details Call 9841136333 or enquire

Venper Sandwich Course – Blend of Board Teaching & Entrance Coaching

In present scenario, school higher education in TN has become more important where students requires dual preparation for both their board examinations and entrance examination. Apparently students who are poor in managing time and fail to follow proper timetable feels the task hectic. Also there is chance of loosing their interest.
To overcome hurdles Venper Academy – Statewide NEET & JEE Trainers and been awarded as ‘Best Coaching Institute of the year 2017′ by higher education review magazine has introduced unique programme to balance both board and entrance preparation. This programme is uniquely and carefully designed to balance students time supporting both the curriculum evenly. However both the curriculum have maximum similarities, we have to train students thru over expert faculties for learning & presentation methods. Entrance training requires more application & reasoning skills . So Entrance training has a edge over conceptual clarity which also makes board preparation easier.
This programme is designed to bring out the optimum performance of the student by training minimum 20 hours per week . Five weekdays in a week minimum 2 hours of board preparation and 10 hours of entrance preparation in weekends. This programme makes student to cut down tuitions , multiple teachers for same subjects , fatigue. In turn we assure guaranteed results in both board & entrance preparation. Venper Sandwich Programme is a great opportunity for students & parents who claim for excellent results in both.

JEE Crash Course @ Venper Academy

The preparation for IIT-JEE requires a lot of hard work, focus & dedication, whereas proper guidance is the most important thing out of all. The competition for limited seats in IITs is rapidly growing each year due to which students start preparing from as early as class VIII or IX. However, in order to succeed in JEE, one should not only focus on studying hard but should also have a precise revision & assessment plan. Such guidance and coaching if provided by the right faculty @ the right time, can immensely help students to fuel their preparation and propel their JEE All India Rank to the Top.

With little time left for the most prestigious – JEE Mains 2018, true assessment of current preparedness & right guidance can actually act like a torch in the dark forest for serious aspirants providing them with proper guidance and knowledge. This is the right time when students are preparing for boards and JEE at the same time and thus are likely to be posed with a number of doubts that call for proper guidance from experts. It is in such cases that a good coaching institute platform can be a blessing in disguise for aspirants.

A dedicated coaching institute with a good reputation will not only provide the right guidance and sharpen analytical skills but will also confer them with a timely assessment of their current preparedness & aptitude for JEE. In addition to it, an ideal guide will assess and appreciate what has been learned so far, motivates & pushes on the areas which have to be learnt in the left out little time. So, if you have not taken the major step towards your goal, then this is the right time to give your academic goals the right edge.

Venper Academy’s power packed intensive JEE Mains Crash Course scheduled from 26th December to January 6th, is one such platform that will acquaint JEE 2018 Aspirants with their strengths, weaknesses and current preparedness to avoid faltering on the main exam day. Every success starts with the right action. As failing to plan is planning to fail, be a part of the master strategic JEE Mains Crash to know where you stand & what more it takes to Crack JEE 2018!!

For more details, call 9841136333/1800-212-5088 or visit

Daily MCQ Practice makes Students to achieve NEET

However the NEET fever is on among our TN students for 2018. Aspirants are already loaded with their preparation schedule of their board examination. They find no time to prepare for their NEET examination Of course there is no big difference between NEET syllabus and board syllabus, But daily practice over MCQ’s gives good exposure to students to Crack NEET.

Especially in physics and chemistry attending minimum of 15 questions in daily practice will improve students application skills. Venper Academy is offering Free Daily MCQ Practice on all subjects thru its app with solutions. Students can make it a habit of spending time in Venper’s daily MCQ Practice.

Venper offers it absolutely free for all aspirants. Students can use this application either in their desktop or tablets & mobiles. All have to do is search for ‘Venper Academy ‘ app in Google play store and download it and start practising for free. We request students to utilise this opportunity where they can also compare among students who are using this app countrywide. It really helps to assess and improve yourself. Desktop users can log on to Apart from this Venper Academy is offering 3F (FREE FACEBOOK FORUM) where students can utilise for daily MCQ’s and answer key will be uploaded next day. For more details

A Boon for Tamil Medium Students – NEET Tamil Study Material by Venper Academy

Perhaps it has been a long time wait by Tamil Medium Students of TN for their NEET study material. Translation is always a task in terms of science subjects since their were less initiative towards this. Knowing the need and size of hungry students, Venper Academy – Statewide NEET and JEE Trainers have initiated to develop the Tamil Study Material for NEET with required number of MCQ’s for practice. This Project was initiated in August 2017 and have planned to launch in February 2018.

Science Terminologies, Mind Maps, Short Cuts and Learning Methods which has been traditionally followed in other states for preparing NEET is finally here for tamil medium students too. Of course the presentation of Topics is planned in such a way the conceptual clarity is made primarily followed things to be remembered and MCQ’s with previous year questions solved with solutions.

This Study Material will be a real boon for students to achieve their goals in terms of score and understanding concepts as well. We assure this will surely break all the barriers between tamil medium students and english medium students. A team of experts have carefully compiled the text book with high degree of translation skills and there is very good response among teachers when we shared our samples of the content. So we are at most stage of completing  the process which can really meet the requirement and thirst of students. Most of the schools have pre ordered the copies now.

Satheesh J

CEO, Venper Academy

Cracking NEET is relatively easy for TN State Board Students

Of course we all know TN students have much dedication, determination and capable of spending more study hours. And they always achieve targets in terms of State Rank, District Rank etc.. in board examinations.

Basic Attitude preparation is must before Syllabus preparation . There is always a myth that CBSE students are much superior than TN state board students and this strongly believed fact among parents too. Honestly I can assure both the syllabus are same almost matching up to 80 %. The only difference I could feel is way it is taught and way it is understood makes a huge difference between this boards of education.

CBSE way of learning  focuses on conceptual clarity primarily and repeated direct and relatively real life examples to understand the concept better is focussed . Where in TN State board students lack in concept clarity. But this difference doesn’t reduce fear over NEET for CBSE Students. So first break the myths like Superior feel over CBSE, fear over understanding concepts etc…

Now, For syllabus preparation – Being a MCQ pattern exam, Students no need to mug up anything. This gives a small fear to state board students like imparting their traditional learning methods. Don’t worry ! There is some thing most important to memorize like formulae, tables, short cuts, memory maps, Mnemonics which will be more interesting than mugging up pages together.

So as we all know NEET exam is 180 questions and the given time is 180 minutes. We have time stipulation to answer the questions to score high. So we have to practice for MCQ’s based on basic concepts where we apply memorized formulae ,tables, short cuts, memory maps, Mnemonics. Practice makes us perfect over basic concepts. TN students can prioritize difficulty of subjects in this order – Physics (Tough among all Subjects), Chemistry (Tougher than Biology and easier than Physics), Biology can be easiest one for at most TN students. Since being more of theoretical part and mark scoring subject up to 360 out of 720. Biology will be a cake walk for TN Students. and Next is chemistry, students should have order of bifurcation in approaching chemistry preparation . Organic will be more easier for TN students when compared to In-Organic and Physical Chemistry.

An equal concentration over three parts with good coaching and practice over MCQ’s student can easily aim for 90+ marks out of 180. When it comes to Physics, Modern physics plays a major role for the score. By following experts prescribed text books student can easily connect to real life examples and apply the required reasoning skills to MCQ’s to achieve the score. Even this sort of effort will sum up to 100 to 120 + marks in physics.

TN Students whether you prepare for short term or long term – try to have following questions in your mind on learning each topics . Why ?, How ?, When ?. Apply this questions logically in to the concept- I am pretty sure outcome would be the best. The above tips if strongly followed a TN student can easily cross 500+ score. for more updates follow our blog.

– Satheesh J

CEO, Venper Academy