NEET 2018 – Don’t loose your time for 5K or 15k

We could see most of the NEET Coaching Institutes offering Crash Course in the month of April 2018 for Just 5k or 15k. Keep one thing in mind TN has very few NEET trained faculty . Probably the number is less than 300. Be wise in choosing best NEET Coaching Institution.

Institute offering course for very few thousands can’t afford Quality Text books, Quality Work Sheets, Good hands over assessments. NEET is time stipulated exam which requires high order thinking and application skills . I.e 180 Questions to be solved in 180 minutes. More over most of questions you get are twisted, indirect and relative questions.

Coaching institutes focused towards practice , time management & conceptual teaching can give good results. Don’t loose your time for few thousands. For More details

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