Cracking NEET is relatively easy for TN State Board Students

Of course we all know TN students have much dedication, determination and capable of spending more study hours. And they always achieve targets in terms of State Rank, District Rank etc.. in board examinations.

Basic Attitude preparation is must before Syllabus preparation . There is always a myth that CBSE students are much superior than TN state board students and this strongly believed fact among parents too. Honestly I can assure both the syllabus are same almost matching up to 80 %. The only difference I could feel is way it is taught and way it is understood makes a huge difference between this boards of education.

CBSE way of learning  focuses on conceptual clarity primarily and repeated direct and relatively real life examples to understand the concept better is focussed . Where in TN State board students lack in concept clarity. But this difference doesn’t reduce fear over NEET for CBSE Students. So first break the myths like Superior feel over CBSE, fear over understanding concepts etc…

Now, For syllabus preparation – Being a MCQ pattern exam, Students no need to mug up anything. This gives a small fear to state board students like imparting their traditional learning methods. Don’t worry ! There is some thing most important to memorize like formulae, tables, short cuts, memory maps, Mnemonics which will be more interesting than mugging up pages together.

So as we all know NEET exam is 180 questions and the given time is 180 minutes. We have time stipulation to answer the questions to score high. So we have to practice for MCQ’s based on basic concepts where we apply memorized formulae ,tables, short cuts, memory maps, Mnemonics. Practice makes us perfect over basic concepts. TN students can prioritize difficulty of subjects in this order – Physics (Tough among all Subjects), Chemistry (Tougher than Biology and easier than Physics), Biology can be easiest one for at most TN students. Since being more of theoretical part and mark scoring subject up to 360 out of 720. Biology will be a cake walk for TN Students. and Next is chemistry, students should have order of bifurcation in approaching chemistry preparation . Organic will be more easier for TN students when compared to In-Organic and Physical Chemistry.

An equal concentration over three parts with good coaching and practice over MCQ’s student can easily aim for 90+ marks out of 180. When it comes to Physics, Modern physics plays a major role for the score. By following experts prescribed text books student can easily connect to real life examples and apply the required reasoning skills to MCQ’s to achieve the score. Even this sort of effort will sum up to 100 to 120 + marks in physics.

TN Students whether you prepare for short term or long term – try to have following questions in your mind on learning each topics . Why ?, How ?, When ?. Apply this questions logically in to the concept- I am pretty sure outcome would be the best. The above tips if strongly followed a TN student can easily cross 500+ score. for more updates follow our blog.

– Satheesh J

CEO, Venper Academy

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