18 Reasons to face 2019 NEET with Venper’s Exclusive Residential Entrance Coaching (REC)

  1. Venper’s REC is an all under one roof campus with the Lecture Halls, Library, Study halls, Hostels, Canteens & Faculty Quarters.
  2. Venper’s REC is a unique programme in an exclusive campus for Repeaters aiming 550+ in NEET 2019.
  3. Venper’s REC is the only platform to have Faculty assisted Worksheet solving sessions.
  4. Venper’s REC has a motivated & encouraging Study environment in Hostels monitored by Study mentors devoid of distractions.
  5. Venper Repeater Curriculum is a proven model with 31 Government Placements in 2017 & a probable 82 placements in 2018 (based on the answer keys) under the guidance of senior Advisory Council Members from New Delhi, Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh.
  6. Venper’s Repeater programme flow of topics is designed with the Numerical Physics based Mathematics & chapter wise fundamentals clarity established before getting into core subject.
  7. Venper’s REC lecture time duration allotted for each chapter is based on the Mark Weightage, Analysis of Previous Year AIPMT/NEET papers & the feedbacks of 2016, 2017 & 2018 Students of Venper Academy.
  8. Venper’s Daily Worksheets is an ultimate combination of Previous Year Questions (PYQ), Probable & Complex MCQs. A daily practise of a minimum of 100 MCQs exposes them to an approximate 30,000 MCQ @ the end of the Programme. We are quite confident that NEET 2019/20 papers can’t have much deviation from what has been given in the form of Worksheets, Assessments & Online Test series.
  9. Venper’s Weekly Assessments, Monthly Cumulative, Quarterly Units Tests followed by interactive sessions registers the errors committed, solutions explained & shortcuts imparted once for all in an aspirant’s memory.
  10. The Assessment scores are shared regularly with the Parents followed by Quarterly Parent Teacher review meetings thus working as a Team in extracting the best possible output from the Student.
  11. Venper’s Repeaters Faculty Panel is a right mix of experienced & young vibrant academicians with a renowned graduation background like NIT, IIT, IISc , Central Universities etc.
  12. Venper is proud to have an exclusive set of Faculties handling ONLY +3 Repeater batch who know the nuances of Long term coaching, mindset of students who have dropped a year, understanding capacity of Tamilnadu State Board students and above all, having an experience of 2 years in Tamilnadu with track record of scores above 550/720. The Regular School going students are handled by a separate team of Faculties as it’s totally a different ball game.
  13. Venper’s REC has regular Student Psychologist sessions for assessing the individual areas of Strength & weakness, improving the reading cum comprehension skills & overall motivation.
  14. Venper’s REC has Yoga Classes & Sports activities for Students to keep them physically fit, improve the concentration & memory.
  15. Venper’s REC campus is a 24/7 monitored high degree secure environment under the direct supervision of the Management thus making it a safe and secure environment.
  16. The Canteen & Dining facilities have been given utmost priority to Quality & Nutrition.
  17. Venper’s state of the art air conditioned classrooms with interactive teaching boards is a memorable & fun learning experience for every student.
  18. Above all, every student is treated as a part of the Venper Family with utmost care & affection thus becoming their 2nd home!!

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